History & Staff


At Galaxy Funerals, we provide Chinese funeral services to the multicultural community, with religious and non-religious backgrounds. We also provide multilingual services in Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese and English - bringing family and friends closer at a time of loss and bridging language barriers between different generations.

Proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is Australia’s leading provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria and related services.

Our History

Our History

We all experience losing someone dear to us. That feeling leaves a lasting impact.  When Selina lost her beloved mother over 25 years ago, she experienced mixed emotions.  Overwhelmed with grief, she was also confronted with frustration. She needed someone to understand her native language. She needed someone who could step in and advise her not just about the funeral arrangements, but also knowledgeable in her cultural customs so that these can be included in the funeral service. She did not find that help.   

That lasting impression made its impact. Starting out in a prominent funeral home in Australia with a feminine touch, Selina later moved on to start up Galaxy Funerals. Extending her knowledge and experience to care for families of different multicultural backgrounds. Galaxy Funerals quickly gained a credible reputation amongst the Asian communities. A reputation where Galaxy Funerals takes care of everything for families.  

Recognising the growing need for bilingual funeral services, Galaxy Funerals also provided bilingual funeral celebrant service. And in cultures where Selina didn’t speak the language, that’s not a show stopper. Being authentic is what Galaxy Funerals is about. Working wholeheartedly is the company’s approach. Selina collaborates with community representatives, using her experience and encompassing their knowledge to provide a funeral service that respects family needs. 

This is what makes Galaxy Funerals today. The diverse Galaxy Funerals team adopts the same ethos and attitude instilled by Selina: to embrace multicultural diversity in every life.   

Galaxy Funerals are proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is Australia’s leading provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria and related services. 

Our Valued Staff

  • Selina  Leung

    Selina Leung Founder

    Selina has worked in the Funeral Industry for almost 20 years. Recognising a growing need in the Chinese Community over 10 years ago, she started helping families at need from a small home office.

    With determination and vision, she established a unique funeral service offering to families of diverse Chinese cultural backgrounds. She also provided Chinese Funeral Celebrant services, writing bespoke eulogies and reflections. Families have grown to appreciate Selina's strong will to do the best for families and have continued to seek Galaxy Funerals' services over the years at time of need.

  • Vanessa Leung

    Vanessa Leung Funeral Planner & Community Relations

    Vanessa has been helping Selina since she first started up a multicultural funeral service for the Asian community. Vanessa has grown up with the Church community, and trained to assist families on funeral arrangements, coordinating a funeral service, and managing the accounting administrative arrangements. Having completed her higher education in Finance, Econometrics and Actuarial Studies, she gained a few years work experience in industry before returning to the Galaxy team.

  • Lindsay Leung

    Lindsay Leung Marketing & Community Relations

    Lindsay is a Chartered Marketer, born and bred in England to Chinese parents. Her extensive corporate communication experience spans over 10 years, enabling her to provide an integrated and personal funeral celebrant service for a loved one. A Creative Writer, Lindsay interprets and writes heartfelt eulogies and reflections for families. She takes a genuine and honest approach when delivering a tribute as a funeral celebrant.

    Galaxy Funerals continues to provide educational seminars to Nursing Homes and Not-for-Profit organisations in end-of-life planning. In light of this, she has researched and written, 'Dying Questions - an insight to end of life planning' to help families and those taking care of a departed loved one, better understand their choices at time of need.

  • Cherie Pan

    Cherie Pan Accountant

    Cherie's outgoing personality and natural instincts in understanding the needs of others is a valuable asset to our diverse team. Her language fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English means she can work with all parties efficiently and effectively within our business networks.

    With an educational background in Economics and Accounting, Cherie maintains a regular review of the Funeral Sector. With the market intelligence, she provides the business with accounts forecasting and budgeting plans for managerial review to ensure Galaxy Funerals maintain a fit and healthy operational state.

  • Esther  Yip

    Esther Yip Funeral Planner

    Esther worked alongside Selina when Galaxy Funerals first started. She fully understands the needs of the cultural families we look after. Esther understands the time sensitiveness and care required when taking care of arrangements for a loved one. A committed and devoted mother of two, Esther took time out to take care of her young children a few years back. With family now settled, she is happy to rejoin our team to look after our families at need from our Sydney South office. Esther is a great listener and gives her undivided attention willingly.

    Aside from funeral planning, she promotes Galaxy Funerals' volunteering and bereavement program to Nursing Homes in the Chinese Community.

  • Zoe Chan

    Zoe Chan Floral Designer

    Zoe is an active and well respected member in our Christian community. With a down-to-earth and approachable character, Zoe places care and attention to the designing of our floral tributes at a time of need.

  • Daisy  Chen

    Daisy Chen Bookkeeper (Part-Time)

    Daisy works part time and is responsible for the smooth running of Galaxy Funeral’s financial and payroll operations. With her knowledge as an Accountant and her bilingual skills of Cantonese and English, Daisy can help with clarifications of invoices to families when required.