We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Our family entrusted Galaxy Funerals with our late father's arrangements and they organised the most wonderful service and did our late father proud. We requested a bilingual service and Lindsay officiated the service both in English and Cantonese. She spoke beautifully, very sincere and well presented. Every Galaxy staff went above and beyond and I highly recommend their services. They certainly perfected the whole service from beginning to end. With one phone call, they looked after everything, from taking care of my late father from the hospital after he passed, to recommending the coffin that suited dad, to all the flower arrangements for family and friends. At a difficult time for the family, Galaxy Funerals guided us through the whole process. I could not fault Galaxy Funerals as they did an outstanding job. Below are just a few comments from friends and family that attended the service: " It was a beautiful service and a great tribute to your dad." "It was a lovely service, Pauline. Your Dad would be very proud of you." "Your farewell to your Father was so respectful and full of love, it was a credit to you all." "Pauline , it was such a beautiful service." Thank you Selina, to you and your team at Galaxy Funerals, you did an outstanding job and the whole family is forever grateful.

Pauline & family of beloved father Sun LEONG November 01, 2019

Thank you sincerely for your careful and thoughtful planning for Dad's funeral service. We greatly appreciate your guidance during this difficult period of loss and grief for our beloved Father. God bless.

Lee Family July 12, 2019

Hi Cherie and Team, Thank you for the love and care for our family throughout the farewell planning and farewell process. As it may be hard for our family to come to terms with the passing and promotion to Glory for our loved one, we really extend our appreciation and thanks to you and your team for your professional and thoughtful service. Thank you for the update. Do you mind us keeping in touch also when the cremation process is complete to decide what to do next with Anika’s ashes? (Not urgent). Once again thank you for you and your team’s generous support for our family. With Warm Regards in Christ, Ray and Emme

Ray & Fung Family April 16, 2019

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you Galaxy Funerals for all your support as we mourned the sudden loss of my brother. From the time we met Selina and her team, they were there for us every step of the way, comforting us, supporting us and showing us the Grace of God. Our questions and advice needed were met with swift response in a very kind manner. Galaxy Funeral was thoroughly professional and understanding. - from Family Xu

Xu Family January 26, 2019

We cannot thank you all for the thoughtfulness and care you have all shown my family. This has been a difficult time for us – yourself, Selena, Esther, Henry and Isaac have all shown such care and support. For that we are very grateful.

Haar Family March 01, 2019

Dear Selina On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you all for your support and help during this difficult period for us all. Even though we had a little hiccup on the way but mom was looking over our shoulders and ensure the funeral service went smoothly. We greatly appreciate the beautiful service that was created by the team at Galaxy Funerals. Warmest Regards Wendy Wong

Choy Family

Dear Selina and Cherie, Please extend our hearty thank you to all those involved in today's funeral for my late Father Po Ning Yuen. It was very well organised and orchestrated. I also thank you for the compassion and care shown to my father so that he can pass on with all dignity and respect from his relations and friends. With the best regards, Michael Yuen and family

Yuen Family October 25, 2018

Dear Cherie and Esther, I would like to say a big Thank-You for your kind supports to me and my family. Without your kind offer of transportation today the funeral would not go as smoothly as it was. Also thank you both for making a special effort to stay back helping me with the catering I really appreciated it. We need more people like you in every field to do their job. I am humbled by your kind comments about my speech today. I only wrote the beginning of it in a hurry this morning before getting out of the motel room! Can you imagine if you didn’t come to pick me up this morning Esther? I might have made no speech or have given a speech that made no sense! :) I also cannot thanks Victor enough for his patience today. He didn’t once come to question me. He was just happily waiting until we were ready to go. Kind regards, Yeung

Family of Kam Fung LUI March 14, 2018

Dear Selina, Lindsay, Cherie and staff who were directly or indirectly involved with the funeral service for the late Susan Jan. We would like to thank you all for helping us to express and deliver such a heart-felt service yesterday. A special thank you to Lindsay as we felt the sincerity and feeling in each of Lindsay's words as if we were saying them ourselves. Even though we were stressed with emotions, the warmth and calmness of Lindsay’s voice brought about a peace of mind for us. Since our first meeting with Selina at Chow Cho Poon, we were comfortable and confident to engage Galaxy Funerals to take care of mum's funeral service. Our initial feeling of trusting Selina and her sincerity has been proven to be the right one as our Mum rests in peace. Thank you again to each and everyone at Galaxy Funerals for helping us farewell and lay Mum at rest and allowing our families and her friends to express their sorrow as well as thanking her for being such a wonderful person to have known. Kindest Regards, Chris & Deanna

Family of Susan Jan December 23, 2017

Esther, Selina, Lindsay, Cherie & Staff at Galaxy, Thank you for the excellent service you provided for us at Mum's funeral service yesterday. It was a pleasure to see that you had everything well organised and I commend you and your staff for being professional and caring in their jobs. Kind Regards, Ben Hsia

Family of Madam Gua Lae Hsia December 22, 2017

I would like to thank you and your team at Galaxy Funerals for the loving care, excellent ethics, and impeccable professionalism. My mum's funeral was so beautiful and so well conducted. Lindsay especially did an excellent job. She has been so helpful to us. Cherie made us feel she was part of our family in the service. On behalf of the family, thank you so much! - Tina

Family of the late Pui Ching Wong October 23, 2017

Esther, Thank you very much for organising the ceremony for us. You, Zoe and Cherie took away a lot of stress off us. We are very grateful. Your team deserves the recognition for all your efforts. Thank you!

Clarissa & Tse Family September 28, 2017

Hi Cherie, 謝謝你和Selina, 以及你們的同事. 非常感謝Galaxy Funeral 的各位專業的工作人員,你們非常之專業,友善和藹。感謝您們盡職盡責地照顧我的父親,幫助他走完這一生最後的旅程。


梁太,Queenie 你们好, 今天我已取到我先生的死亡证明,谢谢你们的帮忙,尤其在我最痛苦无助的时候,给予了我至诚的建议及细心的服务。 再次感谢! Amy

Chen's family

Dear Selina, Queenie and all the staff at Galaxy Funerals, Thank you for looking after the funeral service of our beloved father. Your professional services went beyond our expectations and we are very grateful for it. Your service allowed us to grieve and pay our last respects to our father. Your exceptional service was noticed by our family and friends all commenting on how smooth the whole service was conducted and your professionalism. We greatly appreciate all your help leading up to and the service yesterday. Regards, Sister Ho, Margaret, Lily and Liza

Yet Yee Choy's Family February 21, 2017

Dear Galaxy Team, Thank you for your seamless organisation with our late mother's funeral. Galaxy provided us a truly professional funeral service with compassion and care during the preparation. Your team has allowed my brother and I a stress-free week pre funeral service. You are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Words cannot expression how thankful we are to have found you to help us during this difficult time. Thank you so very much! Yours sincerely, Minnie and Kan

Minnie Lam September 28, 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the very professional work of your company, and all the special attentions by Selina to address the special situations of our family.

Cheung's Family September 07, 2016

Queenie and Lindsay, Thank you for your help this week and assistance with the funeral arrangements for Joseph. Regards, Doris and Vitus (sent with thank you card)

Doris and Vitus May 14, 2016

On behalf of our family, thank you all ever so much for a lovely service and making such a difficult task as simple and easy for us as possible. We appreciate everything you all have done and we're all very comforted that we could say farewell and send mum off in such a beautiful way. Thank you.

Vivien & Kwong Family February 18, 2016

Galaxy Funerals professional service and caring attitude at every step of the way of the funeral service and its preparation, have made the whole process easier for my family during this difficult time

Anonymous January 19, 2016

Thank you for looking after the funeral service. It was very well-organised and your service was impeccable. Your attention to detail and ability to deliver in both English and Cantonese made it as easy as possible for us, especially considering the short timeframe. Thank you.

Tobias & family of beloved father Yat Hei NG October 25, 2019

Dear Esther Thank you for the information and for submitting the application. We appreciate all the help from the staff at Galaxy Funerals during our time of need. We would especially like to thank Selina and Cherie helping us organise everything to make the day a memorable one. Our friends and family were very satisfied with the service on the day of the funeral. The floral tributes were beautiful. Thank you for your expertise. The Lowe Family

Lowe Family June 14, 2019

Many thanks for the professional and caring service that your organisation provided to us and our Mother during the lead up to our Father's funeral and also on the day. The service was beautiful and as stress free as possible thanks to you all.

Family of Van Thanh PHU February 13, 2019

My mum and brothers and sisters will definitely appreciate the memories from the photos and videos provided. Thank you Selena, Henry, Esther, Lindsay and Cherie and anyone else I’ve missed and to the wonderful staff supporting at the Chapels and the Drivers. Your attention to the Service Details was truly amazing and I personally am very grateful to all the minor details you covered (including the Child Seat) for an event that happens only once in our lives. Thank you so much. Yours Sincerely

Family of Alan Chow January 16, 2019

Thank you for delivering such a wonderful ceremony for my late dad in both English and Chinese. Everyone attended commented it was a beautiful ceremony. Please thank all your staff for their tremendously organised efforts and perseverance with our ongoing questions and endless emails. Your Excellent delivery today is highly recommended.

Ng Family December 21, 2018

Dear Selina & Cherie Thank you so much for the funeral service for my mother Lin Oi Choy, The organisation was brilliant and the attention to detail made us feel comfortable that we were in the right hands. Selina speech and translation in cantonese was personal and touching. Thank you fir making this such a special and and memorable moment for all of us. Kind Regards, Tony

Choy Family

Our family want to thank you and your staff for the service you gave for the burial of our mother Daisy. We appreciate the assistance in preparing the arrangements for the funeral service and cemetery burial. Thank you again for your assistance for a beautiful and memorable service.

Family of Daisy Houng-Lee April 11, 2018

They are very sensitive and very professional. We highly recommend the service.

Joey January 30, 2018

I would like to thank you and everyone involved in helping us with mum's funeral arrangement. A special thank you to the makeup person, mum looked very peaceful. That gave us a memorable closure for her sudden passing. Margaret & Family

Family of Mrs. He Kam Shiao December 21, 2017

Dear Selina, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your team, for making my mother's funeral service such a moving and smooth event for all who attended. Everything was done so professionally, and a number of my friends commented on how well the service went. Thank you very much for all your help and prayers, including how the weather turned out to be so brilliant for the burial service!

Charng's Family November 09, 2017

Thank you for your great coordination to organise the funeral service for my beloved wife. Much appreciated of your professional service.

Zee's Family October 19, 2017

Hi Queenie, Selina and Galaxy Funeral Team Thank you everyone for gave such a memorial Funeral for my beloved Father (Wah Biu Chan) and thank you once again for all your efforts, time and all preparations for the funeral service. So that we all can said 'Goodbye' to my dad and I'm feeling grateful to you all. My dad looks peaceful in his coffin which gave me and my family a 'warm' feeling and hopefully he can be staying happy in another world. Thank you also for the photos & Special thanks for C-Yan for the video recording for the Funeral. Many Thanks, Mandy

Chan's Family July 20, 2017

小李,Selina, 你们好! 我代表我们全家谢谢你们为我们提供的帮助。帮我们顺利的为我妈妈送走这最后一程。也感谢你们的周到,理解和耐心。我们对整个葬礼仪式都非常满意,包括你们与医院和墓地方的接洽,花和花卡的设计和安排,等等。 再次感谢!

Zhou's Family June 21, 2017

我代表我妈和全家真心实意的要对你和你的团队说声谢谢! 我爸去世时正值圣诞节期间,很多地方都关门过节了。我们报着试试看的心情打了电话,Selina接了电话后马上就给了我们很清晰的指导。谢谢! 你们的专业服务、你们的善解人意和热情耐心,让我们在失去亲人的痛苦中,得到了很大的安慰。 我会把你们介绍给有需要的朋友,就因为你们无微不至的关心和理解! 祝福!


Dear Lindsay, Queenie & Cherie, Thank you for your work in making the service for my late mother truly memorable. With much appreciation. Unis & Family

Family of the late Mrs. Kwong Tsui Yu December 10, 2016

Hi Selina and Cherie, Please accept my gratitude for the ceremony this morning, it is so impressive that your good company is very professional, efficient, and comprehensive in the service. Please receive our deep gratitude for your professional and efficient service ! All the best to you too, May I wish Galaxy and yourgoodselves a continuous successful business in the coming years. Tsim

Tsim and Family September 21, 2016

Dear Father Martin, Selina, Queenie and Cherie, Thank you very much for taking care of the funeral services for our mom. The prayer service was wonderfully done and the whole funeral went well and smooth today. The organisation was great under your experienced guidance, every details were followed up and attended to, and the flower arrangements were really beautiful. We truly appreciate your relieving us from such a great undertaking as we grieved our loss and spending time with our families. Best and take care.

The Lau Family July 14, 2016

Thank you for conducting such a beautiful service for our mother and grandmother. The eulogy was especially touching. We also appreciated the care and professionalism that you provided throughout the last week. Thank you.

Helen and Nancy May 09, 2016

Dear Selina, Lindsay, Queenie, Cherie & all Galaxy staff, We are eternally grateful for the compassionate and professional way you all helped us at our time of grief. Thank you. (sent along with flowers)

Family of the late Arthur Chang January 25, 2016